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MIHS Band to the Tournament of Roses 2019

Payment Information

Our upcoming trip to Pasadena will cost $2,400 per participant.  We have set up a payment process for all our families.

First payment of $240 is due on February 1st, 2018

on our Mercer Island High School ASB platform at:  Log onto that site, enter your Skyward password and proceed through the prompts until you reach the ‘performing arts’ selection.  The Tournament of Roses payment tab will be on that page.

This initial payment into MIHS ASB does several things – one, it sets up our trip roster as this is the official rsvp commitment to the trip.  Second, it makes this trip an official MIHS ASB trip so all insurance and liability is applied.  And lastly, this is the fund that we use as a band program for all the auxiliary costs associated with our trip (truck and trailer, buses for rehearsals next December, performance design, etc., etc.)

The remaining payments will be through our trip provider, Music Travel Consultants (MTC) on their website.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Go to

  • In upper right, Click the "Trip Login" link

  • Select "New User"

  • Fill out contact information

  • Select "Register a Traveler"

  • Enter trip number: 1812-7-36

  • Add Traveler/Travelers

  • Select "Make a Payment" to Pay Deposit

Those payments will each be $240 and will be collected on the following dates:

  • ​March 1

  • April 1

  • May 1

  • June 1

  • July 1

  • August 1

  • October 1

  • November 1

  • December 6

Note that we skip collection for September as that is the start of school and often has associated start-up fees that pressure family budgets.  Also, our last payment lands on the 6th of December.  This is so we fall within the 3 week window of final balances due on our hotel and airfare costs.


We will be running a series of fundraising opportunities this spring and summer and fall to help offset individual trip costs.


And if you are interested in financial support, please contact either Mr. Bixby, Mr. Thompson, Bryan Wanzer, or Jen McLellan.

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