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Better Sooner

WHAT is it:

  • 3 fully paid lessons for every 6th Grader (Thank you Boosters!)

  • A chance to provide equal access to private instruction 

  • A chance to provide our 6th graders with a better musical foundation sooner

  • A chance to introduce our entire band program to the benefit of private instruction and inspire consistent private study


HOW to Sign-up

  • Click the “Fons” link below and register for your instrument


Important information

  • Each 6th grade student is eligible for 3 free private lessons with one of our private instructors. 

  • All Better Sooner scheduling will be done via the scheduling platform “Fons” and with the instructor directly.

  • Lessons can be booked as far in advance as 3 weeks. If there are no available times that work for you within that window, please check back in one week to see new availability.

  • Families should spread their 3 lessons out on average of 1-2 weeks. Example: Booking 3 lessons in one week isn’t beneficial to student growth. But 1 every week or every other week is.

  • If you register for a lesson we expect you to attend! We understand that life happens, but cancellations count as one of your lessons. If you need to cancel, please cancel through the Fons app/appointment confirmation only with at least 48 hours notice.

  • If you are interested in continuing private instruction after your 3 lessons, please contact the instructor directly to discuss details.

  • No lessons will be held during any school closure (Weather, Emergency or Holiday).


WHERE do lessons take place: 

Mercer Island High School 500 Practice Rooms

The best place to access these rooms in to enter from the parking lot of 92nd Ave. Enter through the double doors by the large glass windows. This puts you in the area of all our practice rooms.


Islander Middle School Music Wing Practice Rooms

Please enter into the new building. Lessons will be held in the practice rooms by the Large Ensemble music rooms. 


How do I know where my lessons are?

Lessons by instrument are assigned to a specific space. When you sign up for a lesson, the auto confirmation will tell you what building your lesson will be at and in which room.



Are these lessons graded?

No. In fact, they are optional. But highly encouraged. 


Do I really need to set up a Fons account to register for lessons? 

Yes. While you wont get spam from us, your Fons account will provide several features that you may need to reference in the future. Such as communicating with your lesson provider, lesson feedback, rescheduling options and more.


What do I bring to my lesson?

Students should bring their instrument, mouthpiece, a pencil, band book and band music to the lesson.

I am already taking private lessons, but with a provider that is not a part of better sooner. Can you pay for 3 of my lessons with that teacher instead?

We are not able to do that at this time. Please feel free to take 3 lessons with our Better Sooner provider in addition to your already existing lessons. 


My student plays percussion. What do we bring?

Percussion students will have percussion instruments available for use. Please bring your sticks and mallets if you own them. Plus your band book and band music.


My student plays tuba. Do we need to bring a tuba?

Tubas are available for student use for the tuba lessons. Please bring your own mouthpiece.


Can parents attend the lesson? Where do parents wait?

Parents may attend the lesson. Most of our practice rooms have chairs or benches nearby where you can wait.


None of the times/days work for my student. What should I do?

It is true,  our private lesson teachers can be quite busy and their schedules fill up fast.. If no times are available, please keep checking for times that do work. Students are able to sign up for lessons within a 3 week window at a time. If the schedule offerings conflict with the duration of offerings, please reach out to a director and we can help problem solve to the best of our ability.


I need to cancel/reschedule my lesson. What do I do?

Please sign into Fons with the account information that you entered when you signed up for your first lesson. 


How do I remember my lesson?

Fons will send you an email reminder before your lesson and a text reminder a few hours before your lesson. 

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