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What We Do

How are the funds raised by MISBB used?

Excellent question.  We are so lucky to have our Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters (MISBB) working to make sure our MISD Band program is as supported as possible.  This organization (which is all of you) does so much in all our grades 5th through 12th:

  • Scholarships – for trips, travel to concerts, instrument rentals, and operational support.  MISBB's fundraising ensures every student can participate in band and it's many enrichment activities.

  • Tutor-palooza - professional one-on-one tutoring provided to any band student for no charge.

  • Personalized instrument instructions – bringing in experts to spend time, in small instrument groups, with students

  • Professional development – so our Band Directors can continue to learn and bring back to the classroom the latest teaching methods, sources of enrichment, and resources for our students

  • Islander Middle School (IMS) Instrument clubs - opportunity for our middle schoolers to hone their skills in a fun and band community environment

  • Administrative support – so our directors spend less time doing paperwork and thus maximize their time in front of our students

  • Artist-in-Residences – professional musicians, composers, and conductors working with our students

  • Purchase of instruments

  • Uniform maintenance

And a million more big and little things to help this program operate.  We are so deeply thankful to each of you!

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