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1. Log onto 

2. Use the password – 1119 to enter the site (you will change this later when you register)


3. Select ‘Students/Chaperones/Staff (top option).  This is also the portal for our Friends and Family companion trips.  We will be sharing more information soon (its still being planned) on this option for our community who might wish to join us in New York

4. Read the Booking Instructions and the Terms and Conditions documents (all details are listed in there)


5. Click on the blue link at the bottom of the list that says ‘Click Here to Enter Payment Platform’


6. Select the green link on the right that says ‘Select’


7. Enter ‘1’ for the student package


8. Scroll down and Click on ‘Continue’


9. Add in your child’s and your information the click on ‘Continue to Payment’


10. Enter your bank or credit card information (or other payment information) and click ‘Confirm’


11. Open and sign the agreement documents

You will receive a series of confirmation emails.  One of those, at the bottom of the page, includes a ‘Manage your Booking’.  This allows you to set your password and manage your payment structure.

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