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Why is your support so important to the Mercer Island bands?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How do the funds raised help our Mercer Island 5th - 12th grade Bands?

  • Scholarships: First and foremost, our Mercer Island Bands from 5th - 12th grade are all inclusive. MISBB provides scholarships for fees, events, instrument rentals, trips, and more to ensure each and every student who would like to participate in band and it's band activities, can do so.

  • Instrument purchase and maintenance: MISBB helps purchase instruments (common and unusual) for our band students to use. We also maintain these instruments so the kids can have confidence as they play.

  • Administrative support: Even with our awesome volunteer community, there is still a lot of paperwork, contracts, organization of transportation, events, facilities, and so much more. MISBB pays for administrative support to handle these activities so the directors are freed up to focus on our band students!

  • Tutorpalooza: Tutorpalooza is Free private instrument instruction for our band students available twice a year. MISBB pays for the professional music consultants to come work with our kids so any student who would like to improve their skills, may do so.

  • Professional music consultants and visiting Artists-in-Residence: Your band student might talk about instructors helping them in the classroom. The directors bring in, and MISBB pays for, professional music consultants who specialize in particular instruments to work with your kids. You saw them at the 5th grade instrument zoo or on the field at marching band rehearsals. They are also in the classrooms. This helps reduce the instructor to student ratio.

  • ... and so much more

Are auctions not your thing, but you would still like to donate to support MI bands?

We have that option too: Click here to donate

This is just a strictly donation page. You have the option to identify if you are a business or you wish to remain anonymous.

Or do you prefer to donate via check or a Charitable Giving Fund?

Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters

PO Box1471

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Non-profit status:

Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters,, is a non-profit 501c3 organization, EIN 27-4163270, PO Box 1471, Mercer Island.


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