When our son started Band in 5th grade, we didn’t understand what a truly special program it is.

When our son started with Band in 5th grade, we didn’t really understand what a truly special program the Mercer Island Band program is. We certainly didn’t anticipate the amazing journey of both musical and personal development for our son over the past 8 years. Through the MISD Band program, our son explored and expanded his passion for music across a variety of instruments and music, but it’s more than that. He’s been part of a diverse, inclusive, welcoming community, and as he’s continued with the program, he’s had the opportunity to give back, help build community himself, and develop his leadership skills. That sense of community extends to the parents as well and we could not be more grateful to have been a part of the MISD Band program over the years.

~ The Mangold Family (Thomas, Class of 2022)

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