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We chose to stay in MISD because of band.

Our younger son thrived in the elementary music program, learning piano and recorder and participating in Steel Drum band and the 5th grade musical. So he didn’t hesitate at 4th grade instrument try-outs and picked up trumpet easily and is still playing it in 10th grade.

We have been thrilled with the music instruction, teaching quality, and all the performance opportunities offered to the students, even despite the pandemic. Some years our son has very involved with Band and participated in before or after school options and other years he has been too busy for that and we are grateful that the program is flexible enough to offer options for students who are looking for more advanced options and those who are not.

Some of his best friends are also in Band and he has met new friends through Band as well. We really like the structure of the program where everyone is valued and included and where older students mentor younger students. We appreciate the social opportunities like marching band camp, the Band BBQ, and section bonding. We look forward to the leadership opportunities for students in later grades.

At multiple points over the years we have offered him the chance to attend private school with his older brother, but ultimately decided that the benefits of staying in Mercer Island and participating in Mercer Island’s band program far outweighed the benefits of private school.

~ Jennifer and Brian Selby (Cameron, Class of 2024)

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