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She had a choice of private school, and chose to stay at MIHS because of the band program.

"We made the decision to buy a home on Mercer Island in great consideration of the band program when our daughter entered 8th grade. As the ups and downs of the pandemic and high school tumult have taken their toll on the social experience and the academic demands of school, our daughter was given a choice to consider private school. She ended up staying at MIHS because of her dedication to the band program here. Having had the opportunity to participate in jazz band since starting school in 8th grade at IMS, and then having the extraordinary opportunity to travel and perform at the Rose Bowl her freshman year of high school at MIHS, our daughter forged strong and lasting relationships with her band instructors and fellow band mates that have endured through over a year of not playing in person during remote schooling. She has developed confidence, a strong work ethic, leadership skills, empathy and a sense of belonging and teamwork through her time in band on Mercer Island. So much so that her decision of where to go to college after graduation is bound by the quality of the marching band, which she absolutely wants to join to continue her band journey through her time at university. This band program is strong due to the funding and support of the entire MISD community and we strongly urge the district to continue their commitment to the exceptional program they offer if they care about retaining and attracting families to the district!"

~ Lori Cohen-Sanford, (Josie, Class of 2022)


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