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Letter from the MISBB Prez

Band Community -

Was that amazing or what???

Friday night's band performances were incredible!!!

Thank you so, so much to the Band Directors for making this happen. The last time I went to a MIHS football game was my son’s 7th grade All Island Band Night, since 8th and 9th grade were cancelled. I had completely forgotten how much the band actually plays. I was only thinking of the half time show, but was amazed to also see the march in and march out, the national anthem, all the playing during the game itself, and the mosh pit afterwards. I'm truly amazed that the students were able to learn so many songs and marches in such a short time. We are so lucky to have the best band directors in the state leading our kids.

Thank you to all of the parents who helped manage the equipment, run the cameras, kept our kids safe on the roads, managed the uniform chaos, plucked plumes, made sure our kids were hydrated and so much more! It takes a village to help make the band run! Thank you Kurt Wedgwood, Jody Quickstad, Mark Wilenski, Kim Wilenski, Lida Wu, Gloria Wolfe, Diana Lein, Claudia Harner-Jay, Maia Richardson, Erin Gurney, Jason Gurney, Petra Jenning, Patrick Garry, Kim Klein, Ross Klein, Joe Chen, Karrie Sutkus, Don Sutkus, Jen Moeller, Steve Moeller, Vaishali Kukre, Jennifer Selby, Brian Selby, Cat Martin, Cliff Martin, Rouslana Yaroslavsky, Brent Krupp, Scott Ritchie, Chris Clark, Grete Porteous, Sandra Schwarz, Julietta Bell, Jane Bove, Mary Anne Eng-Mullen, Tammy Heydon, Danielle Orr, Shelley Boyle, Liz Gorski, Leslie Kinder, Eunyoung Kim, and many more who jumped in at the last minute to help. Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this happen. (There are additional opportunities to volunteer!)

While the band of course was my favorite part of last night, I was also so excited to see the football players out doing their thing and the cheerleaders out doing their thing, and all the students standing on the bleachers doing their thing. I think the overall message I took away last night was that Mercer Island High School is back!

Thank you all for making this happen.

Take care,

Jennifer Selby, MISBB Board President


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