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He found his path because of all that the band program offers and learned what it takes to recover.

Each student should be fortunate enough to find his or her own path through the amazing teenage development years. Kellen found his path in band because of the people and all that the band program offers. The MIHS band, orchestra and music education (including music technology and music theory has enriched Kellen’s appreciation for what is music.

He also learned what it takes to recover. Not every note comes out perfect and when you have a hiccup, you are given a chance to ‘let it go, go forward, and make the next note sing. Or, when you’re dead tired on a six mile march in the tournament of roses parade and you want to drop, your band Directors and fellow band members are there to encourage you to keep going.

As Kellen goes next level into music education, the experiences in the band hall, amazing stadiums, and mentoring middle schoolers will encourage him to ‘pay it forward’. Thank you to all who have been before us, who are in the program now, and those coming into the program in future years. Go MI!

~ Kurt Wedgwood and Jody Quickstad, (Kellen, Class of 2022)


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