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Band program is one of the true gems that keeps us happy having our kids attend MI Schools

"We have two kids in the Mercer Island band program, which has been a highlight of the school system for each of them. Band provides a strong and inclusive community within the high school that helps kids to establish social bonds beyond their immediate circle of friends or team sport. As they play their instruments, they each develop their own musical style, and hear how it contributes to the larger sound, helping them to feel like they are each part of something larger than themselves. The program is well run -- it is one of the true gems that keeps us happy having our kids attend Mercer Island Schools.

The incredible band program in the Mercer Island Schools is the main reason why we have not pulled our kids from this district. We are a passionate music family, and both kids play multiple instruments in middle school band, high school marching band, 7th grade Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Band 2, and Wind Ensemble. The music program is their (and our!) sense of community - and provides an important pathway for working hard, learning, growing, and directly seeing the results of their efforts. Please do not cut this program in any way. It is one of the few bright spots left in our district and community.

~ Claudia Harner-Jay and Jon Jay (Julian, Class of 2024 and Tristan, Class of 2027)


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