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MI/BEG Partnership Team

Jonuel 2.jpg
Jonuel Lopez, Drum Major and Trumpet

Jonuel was BEG's Drum Major during the 2019 Tournament of Roses. Jonuel wants to be a fashion designer in London.

Kate Francke, Drum Major and French Horn, Class of 2021

Kate Francke is a senior in the MI band program, plays French Horn, and is one of the Drum Majors for the 2020-21 school year. Although she likes to play her instrument, she is most grateful for the friends she has made through the Mercer Island band program. When not playing music, Kate spends her time skiing, reading, and petting her dog. She is undecided about her future and thinks that she should be able to be a pediatrician, fortune cookie writer, and juvenile defense attorney all at once.

Jesus Flores, Tenor Sax 

Hi, my name is Jesus.  I'm currently preparing to start college in 2021. I have played tenor sax for four years.  In 3rd grade, my mom turned on the TV and I saw BEG marching in the Rose Parade in 2012.  I asked my mom where they were from, and she told me that they were from Guayanilla.  Since that day, my passion for music was born.  Band, for me, is much more than a simple hobby.  Band is like a second home to me, and the friends I have met there are my family.  In the near future, I hope to become a game designer or an animator. 

Eli Nho, Clarinet, Class of 2022

Eli Nho has been playing clarinet since 5th grade.  He is thrilled to be a member of the MI/BEG team to help support and represent the philanthropic side of the band! Eli is also a Mock Trial captain, President of Bob Ross Fan Club, and always makes sure to eat the best food.  For his future, after high school, he wants to go into the medical field and major in the Spanish language and culture!

Neftali Feliciano, Alto Sax and Trombone

Hi! My name is Neftali.  I'm a sophomore and I play alto sax and trombone.  In my future career, I want to be a professional music player.

Alex Levin, Alto Sax, Class of 2022

Alex Levin is a junior at MIHS and he plays alto saxophone in both marching and concert band.  Alex absolutely loves being a part of the band program.  Specifically, Alex enjoys attending animal band games, playing fun marching band tunes, and going to bonding events with his section.  When Alex isn't playng saxophone, you can find him running, diving, or talking about football.  Alex is thrilled to continue working with the BEG partnership team for his second year.

Jomaris Fraticelli, Dance Team, Class of 2021

I'm in 12th grade and I'm part of the BEG Dance Team. I like band because it has given me a family. We share a love for music and it has given me new experiences like the BEG and MI partnership and meeting new people.  In the future, I hope to become a general pediatrician and a professional dancer.

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Anna Bertlin, Alto Sax and Oboe, Class of 2023

Anna Bertlin is a sophomore this year and plays alto sax in marching band and oboe in concert band. Outside of band, she enjoys springboard diving, coaching, climbing, and reading. Anna has been a part of the Mercer Island Bands since 5th grade and looks forward to the rest of her time in the MIHS band program.

Xiomarys Michelle, Colorguard

Hello! My name is Xiomarys Michelle. I'm 16 years old and I'm in grade 12. I'm a Colorguard. I like the band because I love dancing and it helps me meet people and have fun.

Matthew Kurt, Trombone and Sousaphone, Class of 2022

Matthew Kurt plays both trombone and sousaphone in programs ranging from Jazz Ensemble to Orchestra. After his freshman year, he was bestowed "the spirit of the sousaphone section," which was never explained to him and he still has no idea what it means, but now he has a bag of strange spirit items.  Matthew enjoys the sense of community in the band program, as it allowed him to build strong connections. He hopes to provide others with that same sense of community in both MI and Guayanilla. Matthew lacks ambition and ultimately intends to study some form of applied math in order to work a desk job.

Aidalis Santiago, Alto Sax and Bells

Hi, my name is Aidalis.  I'm in my 3rd year of college. I play alto sax and bells. I like band because I can express myself trough music and I like the family atmosphere that is created between us and the partnership. In the future, I hope to continue studying to be a cardiologist.

Alex L 2.jpg
Alex Longwith, Trombone, Class of 2021

Alex Longwith is a senior in the band program and plays trombone for both marching and concert band. He enjoys being a section leader for his section and has fun working on teams. Alex hopes to attend UW or WSU to study business, and when he isn't practicing his instrument or stressing out about school, he enjoys biking, skiing, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

jose n.jpg
Jose Nieves, Clarinet, Class of 2024

My name is Jose Nieves, I'm in 9th grade and I belong to the clarinet section. The band for me is a family, we care for each other and we always achieve what we want together and that fills me with happiness.  The partnership s something very special for all of us, having communication with Mercer Island is super exciting and beautiful. In the future, I aspire to have a career in medicine since it is something that I am passionate about.

Maija Brandt, French Horn and Mellophone, Class of 2023

Maija Brandt is a high school sophomore in the MIHS band. She plays the french horn in concert band and the mellophone in marching band. While she is not suffering during online school, you can find her working on her business, playing Minecraft, baking, or playing soccer. She hopes to expand on her passion for business and go to Europe one day for college!

Ken R.jpg
Kenneth Ruiz, Clarinet

Hi! My name is Kenneth Ruiz and I am 17 years old. I am currently a sub-leader of the clarinets section. I've been in the band since 9th grade and now I'm in my first year of college, studying for a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences to become a doctor.  I love band because it is a method to relax and release stress after a bad day. I find it super nice that two bands that are practically at opposite end of the continent, have communication and a very effective partnership.  I send love from Puerto Rico!

Kaisa 2.jpg
Kaisa Olson, Mellophone and French Horn, Class of 2022

Kaisa Olson is a junior in the MIHS band and joined the program n 5th grade. She plays mellophone in marching and and french horn in concert band and wouldn't give up band or anything. While she procrastinates practicing her instruments, she enjoys playing soccer, crying over physics problems, and hiking with her family and friends. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in some sort of engineering and continue to cry over physics.

Carlos with MI 2.JPG
Jose Carlos, Flute and Colorguard

I am studying Instrumental Music Education at the Interamerican Univerisy in San Germain, Puerto Rico. I have been a member of Banda Escolar de Guayanilla since 2013. I am a leader in the flute section and participate in the Colorguard with the Music City Drum Corps. I spend my time practicing my instruments and writing choreography.

Kellen 2.jpg
Kellen Wedgwood, Trumpet, Class of 2022

Kellen Wedgwood is a junior in the band program. He plays the trumpet and other instruments. Music is an essential part of his life, and he always wants to give his all to music. Along with music, the band's community iis important to him because it helped him realize that he enjoys music. He really looks forward to helping this side of our Mercer Island community grow, and he wants to help the partnership of BEG and MI grow. Anything that helps the program is what he wants to do. He also loves jazz and sometimes plays at restaurants for entertainment.

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