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Who We Are

The Mercer Island Schools Band Boosters was formed to actively support, promote, and encourage the Mercer Island Band Program. The Mercer Island Band Program is a proudly no-cut, non-competitive, all inclusive band program.  It strives for excellence resulting in local, national, and international award and performance opportunities. Close to 300 strong, one-in-four high school students and over 700 students district-wide participate in the grade 5-12 band program.  The Mercer Island School Band Boosters provides support to the program and ensures each and every student may participate in band and all of the band activities. 

What We Do

Through fundraising, we enable clinics, one-on-one musical support, scholarships, instrument rentals, leadership opportunities, training, and unique musical opportunities for the Mercer Island Bands and so much more.

How We Do It

We raise money and like to have fun while doing it! Our Band Together party provides the lion's share of funds raised. The Band Camp BBQ is a great way to build community, enjoy a late summer evening, and help raise funds. We are always looking for Sponsors (see our footer) and Donors.  

Why We Do It

For our kids!


If you have any questions, contact us!

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