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District webinar on 7 pm on February 27, please attend!

Our district is conducting a curriculum review of the health and PE programs and offerings in middle school, high school, and summer school. At IMS, this includes a review of the current PE waiver system and the potential impacts this may have on fine arts, world language, and other electives. Many current and former students have used the PE waivers to pursue both world language and music or other electives in both 7th and 8th grade. At MIHS, this includes a review of in-building school-year programming, summer school offerings, and the directed athletics option that allows students to receive PE credit for after school sports participation, as well as the implications for student schedules if these options are changed or eliminated. Similar to IMS, these MIHS PE offerings have allowed many current and former students the opportunity to pursue elective interests such as band and extra science classes. We encourage families who have used these options or who may do so in the future to join the webinar and learn more. Decisions have not been made, which makes this a great opportunity for families to learn more prior to when the district does make changes. Our administrators will be looking to hear from parents as part of the process.

Please join the webinar here: Link:

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