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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Packing List

Each student will bring one checked bag and 1 carry-on bag (in addition to their instrument if they play flute, clarinet, alto sax or trumpet.)

Note: Before packing, please track weather reports and adjust accordingly as weather can be unseasonably warm or cold. In addition, students are responsible for transporting their bags and instruments through airports, up and down stairs and on and off buses. Please choose your bags accordingly.


Students will need these types of travel bags for this trip

(1) Carry on Bag. Dimensions may not exceed 22”h, 14”w, 9”d

         * Carry On Items for some students will be their:

               ● Trumpet in case

               ● Alto Saxophone in case

               ● Flutes and clarinets in cases may be carried in their personal item such as a backpack or similar,

                  otherwise they will count as your one carry on bag or personal item.

(1) Personal Item. Examples include: Backpack, purse etc. This must fit under the seat in front of you.

(1) Checked Bag that will go under the plane. Must be under 50 lbs in weight.

Note about carry on instruments: Small musical instruments may count as your one carry-on bag, and may exceed the standard carry-on dimensions as long as they can be safely stowed in the cabin of the aircraft. - Alaska Airlines

Students that play these instruments will be checking them at the airport:

➔ Mellophone

➔ Low Saxophones

➔ Trombones/Baritones

➔ Sousaphones

➔ Drum Line

Note: Please ensure your instrument case has functioning latches and is in good condition to be checked and has your name tag outside and your name inside. If this is not the case, please see a director.

Students that play these instruments will be carrying them on the plane with them

➔ Flute

➔ Clarinet

➔ Alto Sax - This will count as your carry on bag

➔ Trumpet - This will count as your carry on bag


Items to Pack

Day of Departure Attire is required for all band members as we travel through the airport.

Long sleeve T Shirt. This travel gear will be provided for each student at the trip meeting 
on Nov 15th

Macy’s jacket and travel gear (also distributed on Nov. 15th)

Comfortable walking shoes

Jeans/pants (no pajama bottoms please)


Pack these items In Your Carry On or Personal Item.

Legal identification (driver’s license) for TSA is required for students 18 or older. This is not required for younger students. Please do not send passports

ASB card for school identification (all students)

Phone, phone charger(s), earbuds or headphones

Any emergency medications you may need

Optional Airport Items/Trip Items

Snacks for the plane (no liquids)

Travel pillow for plane

Water bottle - Must be empty when passing through TSA


If you wish, money for snacks at the airport, tourist trinkets. ALL other needs (food, transportation, etc.) will be taken care of so there is no need to send much money. We highly recommend a Debit/credit card or Apple Pay.


Homework or laptop. You will not use it or have time. Enjoy the trip & make memories!

➔ Anything you do not want to lose, misplace/have stolen, or break.

➔ Anything not permitted by TSA.

➔ Bluetooth speakers etc

Instrument Related Items to bring in your instrument case or in your carry on bag

Flip Folder




Valve Oil, Slide Grease

Drum Sticks/Mallets

Stick Tape

Items to pack in your Checked bag

Please ensure that your bag is under 50lbs in weight

Uniform items you MUST pack in your checked bag

Uniform in garment bag with hanger (will be provided)

Optional: Athletic shorts 

Vipers (Marching Band shoes)

Marching Gloves

Long black socks, 2 pairs (example)

Heat Gear/Long underwear (Required: black tops and black bottoms) (example)

Black Band shirt (just in case it is warm)

Note: Your heat gear items should not be baggy or show from under the uniform.

Note: Shakos & plumes will be packed at MIHS and checked separately

Non-uniform Items you should pack in your checked bag


2-3 pairs socks

Pajamas/sleep gear

1-2 outfits for touring/rehearsals:

1-2 pairs of jeans or pants

2-3 tops (t-shirt, shirt, blouse)

1 sweatshirt or sweater

Comfortable walking shoes


Warm Jacket (you’ll receive a jacket as your travel gear but gauge whether you need another layer

One nice set of clothes for the Broadway play and Thanksgiving dinner cruise

Toiletries you should pack in your checked bag


Hair brush or comb

Shampoo & conditioner in travel-sized container

Lip balm/chapstick

Toothbrush & toothpaste (travel-sized)

Retainers/mouthguards as needed

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, contact lens solution as needed

Other as needed/desired


Note: as liquids will be in your checked bag, it is encouraged to put any liquids in a quart-sized ziploc plastic bag. Liquids may be no more than 3.4 fluid ounces each per TSA

Do not check anything not permitted by TSA (e.g. batteries, aerosol, etc.). Guidelines here.

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