Thank you to our incredible Mercer Island Band community!

Updated: Jul 29

Band Together 2021 has officially wrapped! We are overjoyed that it was a rousing success, both in bringing together our band community and generating the funds we need to sustain excellence in our band program. An event like this is only possible through the participation of so many dedicated people who contributed in a variety of ways; for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you to our Band Together, Together Again leads Erin Gurney, Sarah Mangold, and Jennifer Flood, who started this project expecting a cookie cutter auction and pivoted several times, ultimately pulling off our first outdoor Band Together celebration! Jen McLellan and Tammy Heydon, who consistently lent their guidance and fundraising expertise, were absolutely critical to the success of this event.

We are eternally grateful to our sponsors, Island Books, Incubation Partners, and Frances Gaul Photography for always being there!

A special thank you to our procurement team, Eliana Caputo, Janel Foss, Nitasha Singh, Sarah Mangold, and especially Jody Quickstad for pounding the pavement and reminding us of all the awesome local businesses we have in our community. Thank you to our donors for donating their time, homes, tickets, items, and expertise: the Gurneys, the Selbys, the Wedgwoods, the Mangolds, the McLellans, the Band Directors, Julia King Hately, Jennifer Glick, Joe Chen, Debi Neyhart, the Kaveshes, Julietta Bell, Scott Heydon, the Valentins, Paramita Mukherije, Maggie Tai Tucker, our band trombone choir (Matthew, Toby, Ian, Kellen, Simona, Grant, and Chris), Kim Chou, Joe Bryant, Talia Wang, Ida Woo, Annie Varnes, MIHS Drum Majors, MIHS Alto Saxes, MIHS Clarinets, MIHS Cow Saxes, MIHS Flutes, MIHS Mellophones, MIHS Sousaphones, MIHS Trombones, MIHS Trumpets, MIHS Percussion, 6th Grade Band Families, 7th Grade Band Families, and 8th Grade Band Families. Special thanks to Eliana Caputo (6), Jennifer Glick (7), and Jody Lee (8) who coordinated the IMS Grade Level Baskets!

The Dessert Dash is such a special Band Together tradition - thank you Amy Fujishige Sun and Connie Manson for leading our awesome baking team for the delicious desserts we enjoyed on October 28th and the ones we can enjoy all year! Thank you bakers Connie Manson, Amy Fujishige, Carolyn Bone, Jane Bove, Eliana Caputo, Jenna Cho, Kim Chou, Liz Evans, Debbie Bertlin, Alice Finch, Irene Geisner, John Geer, Mia Kim, Robin Li, Pamela Merritt, Katherine Molnar, Tuuli Saloranta, Edie Shen, Debi Neyhart, Monica Shih, Maria Sommerfield, Kim Klein, Sandy Sun, Karrie Sutkus, Charlotte Thunen, Maggie Tai Tucker, Jacqui Winn, and Chloe Yang for keeping our sweet tooth satisfied.

Particular thanks to our brave volunteers who battled rain and wind, getting soaked to the bone while putting up tents: Kristin Hart, Carrie Landsman, Bernard Mangold, Karrie Sutkus, Sandra Schwartz, Heather Joseph, Jennifer Moeller, and to Erin Gurney & Bernard Hensey for picking them up and dropping off. Thanks to all our tent donors: Stephanie Wyss, Heidi Baxter, Elaine Kierstead, Jennifer Selby, and Jen McClellan.

Kirsten Duell, graphic designer extraordinaire - thank you for designing all our signage and auction materials! Tammy Heydon - thank you for designing our event logo. Claudia Harner-Jay: a special thank you for arranging all the decor and for pivoting as needed under the weather conditions! Julene Levin - you are an unstoppable swag seller!

Thank you to our technical gurus Kurt Wedgewood, Kim Thunen, and Jennifer Glick for helping us out while in the cold rain. Thank you, Gloria Wolfe, for opening your home to all of our candy bag stuffers and tumbler washers Cat Martin, Tammy Heydon, Diana Lein, Claudia Harner-Jay, Leslie Kinder, and Dina Holan.

Oh what fun it was in the concession stand! Thank you to Kim & Ron Thunen, Karla Olson, Janel & Sydney Foss, Eliana Caputo, Claudia Harner-Jay, Kristin Hart, Ellen & Russ Baker, Jennifer Selby, Jane Bove, Michael Lill, Johan Valentin, Helena Kjellander, Julene Levin, Sooyoung Kim, Heidi Baxter, Leilani Paras, and Heather Joseph for helping out.

Thanks to all who participated in the AIBN parking spots raffle, Joe Levin for printing the raffle winners, and to 5th grade band student Bitta Murphy who pulled the winning tickets! Thank you Grete Porteous for braving all of our driving high school kids while reserving our raffle winners parking spots.

Thank you to all those who bid on items and raised the funds for our program! Special thanks to the Leskos, the Harts, Tom Yotsuuye, Elaine Kierstead, Jeffrey Anderson, Gail Morrison, Jennifer Glick, the Heydons, Mark & Karla Olson, the Selbys, the Carpenters, David D’Souza, the Valentins, the Mangolds, Claudia Harner-Jay, Karrie Sutkus, Tina Leavitt, Allison Keeler, Snadra Schwartz, Paulette Denman, Joy Lin Larson, Ryan O’Malley, the Kinders, Annie Varnes, Diana Lein, Cliff & Cat Martin, Dawn Lee, Lynne Hopper, the Stoops, Dennis & Jean Lee, Liz Evans, Heather Josephy, the McLellans, Lori Cohen-Sanford and Cody Sanford, Michele Janes, the Wolfes, Alison Rorem, Amy Fuishige, Christina Quekett, Yi Jiao Hong, the Thunens, Allison Jones, Julia Hately, Aaron Levin, Debbie & Brian Bertlin, Elizabeth Buckley, Grete Porteous, Julene Levin, Beth Hykes, Jennifer Flood & Ulrik Wallin, Erin & Jason Gurney, Hang Hang Nguyen, Leigh Anne Kiviat, Lynn Browd, Maia Richardson & Alex Silverman, Sheri Blumenthal, Steve Umbehocker, Ryan O’ Malley, Colleen Barneson, Mia Kim, Liz Gorski, Sandra Selby, Ashley Sternberg, Thien Nguyen, Cristina Martinez, Kei Morita, Jonathan Jones, Brooke Conway, Carie Graham, Heidi Baxter, Jenny Lill, Joe Chen, Kelly Goodejohn, Kimberly Klei, Achih Chen, Edvard Hemmingsen, Meldina Lea Sobel, Mike O’Byrne, the Lemargie Family, Dawn Lee, Sooyoung Kimm, Joseph Bement, Sandy Sun, Danielle Orr-Bement, Marissa Mastan, David Bunker, Minna Wong, Dina Holan, Kelly Goodejohn, Jamie Kezner, Eileen Coparropa, Sherrie Ann McLaughlin, Eliana Caputo, Petra Jennings, Alice Finch, Robin Li, Vijai, Amanda Gilmore, Brooke Conway, Carmela Wood, Jane Bove, Debi Neyhart, Krsten Duell, Eunyoung Kim, Heidi Thiese, Ida Woo, Jennifer Capasso, Kimberly Kamolz, Lawrence Park, Ly-Lan McCarthy, Mia Kim, Sean and Binh King, Sharon Perez, Gloria Wolfe, Kirsten Bourke, Lauren Lindsey, Grace Jung, and Denis Batalov.

Almost last but not least, thank you to our back office crew and delivery teams for clearing up the books, sending receipts, writing thank yous, packaging and delivering the items: Tammy Heydon, Jennifer Glick, Sooyoung Kim, Jennifer Selby, Sarah Mangold, Kim Thunen, and our wonderful band kids, Jake L, Connor L, Aaron L, Hannah H, Matthew K, Maija B, and Aidan H.

Finally an enormous thank you to our directors Parker Bixby, David Bentley, Kyle Thompson, Haley Smith, Jacob Krieger, and band whisperer Jen McLellan, for giving our children an opportunity to learn, grow, and shine in a program we can all be passionate about supporting.